it’s 100% POSSIBLE to achieve stellar success while also ENJOYING the journey


But maybe you’ve also struggled with knocking lumps out of yourself in order to reach them. 

For a long time in my life, my own mindset was working against me. I achieved success but it was a constant battle that left me exhausted and depleted.

I wasn't enjoying my success because it was such an internal struggle to get there.

Here’s an example: when I was in my teens and twenties, my thought process and limiting beliefs contributed to me experiencing an eating disorder and depression. Both of which I battled while attaining a first class Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology and then subsequently pursuing a PhD.

Although I didn’t finish the PhD (that’s another story), I gained something even more valuable. I applied the sport psychology techniques and strategies that I was using to help professional athletes, to transform my own thinking. 

Like any good Type-A person, I didn’t stop there – I went to therapy. I learned the value of understanding myself at a deep core level and proactively working on my mindset.

I did overcome the depression and the eating disorder – but it didn’t happen overnight. With determination and tenacity, I was able to shift my thinking.

Over time my mind became a much more compassionate and powerful asset that supported me in pursuing my ambitious goals.

It’s not about regurgitating concepts from a book – anyone can do that. It’s only when you truly know yourself and get to the root cause of your bad habits that you can experience real transformation. By getting into the arena with your subconscious and facing your real self, that’s when life-changing results can happen. This is what I experienced.

"It took me burning out to realise that peak performance isn’t enough."

i developed unshakeable confidence in myself.

But even as a chartered High Performance Psychologist, I still hadn't yet fully grasped the concept that success didn’t need to be painful.

It took me burning out a number of times; quitting the PhD, walking away from managing a multimillion euro mental wellbeing program I had created and turning down a dream job in New York to realise that peak performance isn’t enough.

I wanted to achieve ambitious goals, on my terms, and actually ENJOY the process.

So I designed a lifestyle where my time is my own and I have the freedom to work from anywhere. I still work hard, but now I focus on the satisfaction and enjoyment available to me in the present moment, even before I reach the next goal I have set for myself. And my mindset is the best asset in my portfolio.

I went all in on my own performance coaching business to be full time self-employed. I moved my entire coaching business online (well before Covid-19 had everyone rushing to buy shares in Zoom). I now live in Portugal near a surfing beach drenched in sunshine. I spend my time enjoying coffee on the beach and helping high achievers and Day Traders like you to do the same.

The reason I’ve been able to make this happen is because I faced myself. I’ve released limiting beliefs and cultivated an expansive mindset that matches my true potential. 

It’s not out of reach for you, either – you don’t need to suffer your way to trading success

you can achieve your most ambitious goals and live life on your terms, while actually enjoying the journey.

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Only about 1% of all day traders are able to predictably profit net of fees. 80% of all day traders will quit within the first two years.

- Barber, Lee & Odean (2010)

Let's work together let's work together let's work together


Trading is a profession. There is no shortcut to success. If you are serious about your trading, then investing in yourself to optimize your mindset and emotional control is one of the best ways to enhance your mastery of the craft.

Sure, it takes soul searching, hard work and persistence. But it’s that level of dedication that will help you to do what 99% of others can’t. I am here to help you succeed while actually enjoying your journey.

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