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1-1 Trading PSYCHOLOGY COACHING FOR traders with Serious Income goals

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about performance psychology coaching for Traders



I’m a High-Performance Coach who has spent the past 16+ years coaching world leaders from professional sport, business and day trading to push performance boundaries and achieve stellar results. 

If you are a Full or Part Time Trader with ambitious income goals, I can help you to develop unshakeable discipline and consistency and achieve the trading results you know you are truly capable of. 

Experience a fully customised 1-1 coaching program where every session and technique is tailored specifically to your needs. 100% accountability and 100% personal support to ensure that nothing is left on the table when it comes to levelling up your trading performance (and making sure that you are still loving trading and life by the time you hit your goals!).

Does this sound familiar?

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading psychology course Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading

You know you are capable of serious success IN YOUR TRADING

but it's proving more difficult than you expected to get there.

You are highly technically-skilled in your trading and you have proven time and again that your strategy or technical approach works. But you are not seeing the consistency and results that you know are possible for you to achieve.

Whether you aim to follow your trading plan regardless of position size and pressure or gain the emotional control of a Jedi, you know the key to unlocking next level trading performance lies in cultivating your mindset.

you know working on your mindset is the solution to:

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading


When you gain control of your mind and emotions you unlock the latent trading potential within you. You become composed under pressure and clinically effective in the execution of your trading plan. Your trading is consistent and profitable, and every day that you show up to the market you feel in the zone. 

You practice self-compassion because it’s a non-negotiable for peak performance. Trading becomes effortless AND enjoyable.

GO DEEP TO LEVEL UP™ VIP: Fully Customized 1-1 Coaching Program

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading

Define Success

We forensically break down your trading performance like a jigsaw puzzle. We analyse current strengths and weaknesses and then set detailed goals to move you to where you want to be. We track your bottom-line trading stats throughout the program.

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading

Phase 1:
Decode & Resolve

We resolve the mindset blocks and habits that are negatively impacting your trading. We uncover the very root of self-sabotage and understand what is causing your trading challenges, before introducing techniques to shift your mindset. 

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading psychology course Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading

Phase 2:

You learn new mental techniques to elevate your trading and cultivate a laser-like focus on your trading plan instead of the P&L. We introduce the habits and skills that will take your trading from neutral to exceptional. We also build your resilience to pressure.

Créde Sheehy-Kelly Trading Psychologist and High-Performance Psychologist talks about trading

Phase 3:

We fine tune your mental training routine so you can make those 1% improvements that will accumulate to make a significant difference to your overall trading results. You finish the program equipped to troubleshoot future challenges and with a razor sharp mental edge.



Payment Plan


USD $2,500

(USD $15,000 Total Investment)

CLIENT Results CLIENT Results CLIENT Results

“Créde’s Coaching Was More Valuable Than a Lamborghini”

-Harry Khangura, Stock Market Day Trader

Harry Khangura is an Equities Day Trader who worked with me on my 8-week coaching program and experienced valuable results.

This is a candid and honest account of what it’s like to go through coaching with me and why it’s worth the “punch in the gut” 🥊😅

“Working with Créde has been the best investment I have ever made in my trading”

-Ed Mitton, Stock Market Day Trader

Ed Mitton is an Equities Day Trader who took the Créde Performance “Total Performance” coaching program and experienced transformational results in both his trading and his personal life. Hear about his coaching experience and results in this video.

Testimonial Disclosure: Testimonials appearing on this website may not be representative of other clients or customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

You didn’t set out on your journey to settle for SILVER

If you step into the arena with your mindset blocks and face your real self, life-changing transformation
can happen

In the Go Deep to Level Up™ VIP 1-1 coaching program we get right to the root of your trading challenges. Together, we help you finally conquer these acts of self-sabotage and the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

With fully customised coaching and solutions that are uniquely created for you, you can elevate your mindset, discipline and consistency to match your true trading potential.

Hi I’m Créde

High-Performance & Trading Psychology COACH

Hi I’m Créde. I coach people in high-performance domains where split second decisions can make or break a career. I’ve spent 16+ years coaching world leaders in trading, finance, professional sport and business to gain a mental edge and perform at the peak of their potential.

I originally qualified as a sport psychologist, helping pro-athletes to develop the mental toughness and resilience to win championships and gold medals. 

For the past 5+ years I’ve brought this experience to the trading arena, coaching Traders and Hedge Fund Managers with accounts ranging from small to medium to in the multimillions to level up and hit higher returns.

I practice what I preach. Early in my career, I used these same performance psychology techniques to master my own mindset and beat an eating disorder and depression. Now my unshakeable mental edge is the foundation on which I have been able to create a multi-six figure coaching business that allows me to work from anywhere on the globe.

This freedom is yours for the taking too. You don’t need to suffer your way to trading success. If you are serious about achieving ambitious trading goals, I can help you transform your mindset into the best asset in your portfolio.

Life’s too short to play by somebody else’s rules. Don’t let your own mind be the barrier that stops you breaking out of the matrix and living the rich life you deserve.


Yes, provided I have the capacity to take on more 1-1 clients. Due to the level of intensity of this program I can only take on a limited number of 1-1 clients at any one time.

You can schedule your 30-minute clarity call to understand more about the program at any time.

The program runs over 6 MONTHS. This includes two x 60 minute coaching session each month for 6 months, plus continuous support and accountability between sessions. If you are a Trader, TWO out of these 12 sessions may take the format of live trading observation sessions to see how your psychology is playing out in your trading and offer feedback and adjustments in real time.

Between sessions you will be working on assignments, implementing mental training strategies and I will be staying up to date with your progress. We stay in touch via your Private Trello Board our shared Google sheets so that you have full accountability and as much support as you need to reach your goals.

You will be able to book your 1-1 coaching calls up to 8 weeks in advance using an automated scheduling system. Obviously if you need to reschedule a session for any reason, as long as 48 hours notice is given, that’s no problem.

I can accommodate people from any timezone. For example, I have previously worked with people in Australia, Thailand, Canada and both coasts of the USA even though I am based in Europe. Scheduling should not be a problem.

This is an intensive 6-month program and so I recommend that you are prepared to dedicate on average about 2-3 hours each week directly to the program (coaching sessions and completing action points/ assignments) .

It is also helpful to know that as you build up your toolkit of mental edge techniques (affirmation scripts, goal tracking, imagery scripts etc.), you will be implementing these throughout the week between sessions. These techniques become part of your Mental Training Routine and, as such, will continue past the cessation of the program.

The time taken to implement these techniques is not included in the above estimate, but usually these do not require much time for implementation once you have completed the hard work of creating them in the first place.

While I can’t guarantee you financial gains (because it’s up to you to do the work and that’s out of my control), I CAN guarantee that you will have all the tools and skills that you need in order to improve the psychological aspects of your performance through completing this program. I will also be guiding you, supporting you and holding you accountable every step of the way.

You will be able to quantify progress too by the end of the course, as this evaluation is built into the course content.

I am in the business of High Performance and so it’s only right that we establish objective, measurable metrics through which to evaluate your progress and the efficacy of the coaching.

I have developed a system that allows us to set concrete psychology-based goals to have achieved by the end of the coaching program. The system allows us to link these psychology-based goals with actual performance metrics relevant to your performance context. So these goals are fully objective and measurable. We then monitor your stats week to week and immediately identify if we are progressing as planned or if we need to course-correct to stay on track.

  • A strong broadband connection
  • Access to a computer/ laptop/ smartphone
  • Access to word and excel documents
  • You will need to also access Zoom (no cost) to attend the weekly live coaching and 1-1 coaching session

Zero. This program is designed to take you from having little or no experience in working on your mindset, to resolving your current performance challenges and being in a position to address any future challenges yourself. You will also be guided through creating a full mental training routine and an entire, personalised Mental Edge Toolkit.

Of course if you are already working on your mindset this program is also for you. Clients who have already been using affirmation scripts, visualisation and meditation etc. have taken this program and benefited greatly from it.

Yes, you will be equipped to the hilt with resources. You will walk away from this program with an entire Mental Edge Toolkit of PERSONALISED techniques to implement as part of your mental training routine. These techniques are laser-focused to address your specific challenges and to achieve the exact results you are aiming for. I also set practical exercises for you to complete and provide you with audio and pdf resources to assist you in building your mental edge.

The full benefits from this program come from (1) the self-awareness you gain from the in-depth coaching sessions and (2) the implementation of the customized psychology techniques to level up your performance. You need to fully apply yourself to BOTH elements of the program in order to get maximum value from the program and achieve the stellar results I am talking about here.

Great! I would love to hear from you. Click here and you will be taken to a booking link where you can schedule your 30 minute complimentary clarity call with me to dive into any questions you may have.

trading psychology course


You could keep battling away to try and conquer inconsistency, frustrating results and burnout by yourself. You could keep hoping that *the next trade* or *the next green day* will be the one that digs you out of the hole of previous losses. 

But is doing the same thing and expecting different results the very best plan you can come up with? There might just be a better way to approach things… 

By working on your mindset you can accelerate your performance while still retaining your inner peace and passion for trading. 

If you want serious success wHILE KEEPING THE LOVE FOR TRADING, let's talk!


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