Guided visualisation for unshakeable self-confidence

Visualisation is a core technique in trading psychology that can help you to train your mind for specific outcomes. 

This guided visualisation exercise is specifically designed to help you enhance your self-confidence. Think of confidence like a muscle – it needs to be trained in order to grow. By reliving past experiences where you felt proud of yourself and experienced success, you are strengthening your own confidence muscle.

Listen to this guided visualisation 2-3 times per week for best results. Follow the guidance of the audio and just allow the images to form in your mind. Aim to elicit feelings of confidence, pride and happiness as vividly as you can. 

the complete trading psychology system to gain your mental edge in just 8 weeks

World Class Performance Coaching

Over 12+ hours of SCIENCE-BASED & CUTTING-EDGE performance coaching videos to guide you step-by-step through systematically building your trading mental edge.

Access to the COMMUNITY for two months to receive PERSONAL SUPPORT throughout your journey. Ask ALL the questions as you work your way through the modules, troubleshoot your challenges and cultivate your personalised mental training routine.

Practical Tools

MENTAL EDGE TOOLKIT of scientifically-backed performance psychology strategies, tailored to the trading context, to help you reach your peak trading potential.

Five guided VISUALIZATION AND MEDITATION AUDIOS, exclusive to the course, for you to use again and again to build confidence, pinpoint the root of trading challenges and help your mind and body to access the flow state. Includes a Guided Breakthrough Visualization to help you dissolve subconscious blocks.


All the Resources You Need

Checklists, exercises and worksheets to help you APPLY the science of high performance to become more consistent in your trading. 

Targeted worksheets to help you dive deep into your subconscious and expose any mental blocks or limiting beliefs that might be sabotaging your trading and getting in the way of you making your millions. Includes step-by-step guides to creating your own personalised AFFIRMATION and MENTAL IMAGERY SCRIPTS.

Plus These Bonuses

Bonus “Multimillion Mindset” module

Bonus “Multimillion Mindset” module to explore your relationship with money and help you build a money mindset that supports you in achieving your most ambitious financial goals.

Troubleshoot Your Trading Crib Sheet

Exclusive Troubleshoot Your Trading Challenges resource which unlocks for you on completion of the course. This guide empowers you to decode and resolve future trading challenges using your mental edge.

Two Live Q&A Calls for deeper support

I go LIVE every month for an interactive group Q&A on Zoom. Join a dedicated group of serious traders on the same journey to ask your questions and receive maximum value from the course content.






Most Flexible

2 payments of



All the course benefits and more



-Ed Smart, Equities Day Trader and Bear Bull Traders Member

Ed Smart took the Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading course and was stoked with the results.

Some of the highlights for Ed included:

👉 Figuring out that Money Mindset was NOT the root of his trading challenges

👉 Understanding that the way to overcome his trading challenges was to more effectively deal with pressure and to reframe his definitions of success and failure

👉 Having a toolkit of techniques to overcome any trading psychology challenge in the future

" I can't recommend Créde and the course enough. Not just for your trading and to make more money but also to improve your life!"

-David Gottfried, Options & Day Trader, Trustee, Author and CEO Gottfried Institute

David took the Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading course and was thrilled with the impact it had on his day trading, emotional control during trading and his personal life.

Some of the highlights for David included:

👉 The range and depth of science-based information, exercises and videos

👉 The strategies that helped him to trade the same live as on sim and to take control of his trading when things go south

👉 The course helped David in his personal life – with his marriage, social life and as a father 

Meet Créde

I’m a High-Performance Psychologist and trading performance coach.

I specialise in coaching people in high-performance domains where split second decisions can make or break a career. 

For many years I worked with professional athletes to develop the mental toughness and resilience to win championships and gold medals. But it was these same psychology techniques that actually helped me to master my own mindset and beat an eating disorder and depression.

I used to hold myself to extremely high standards but was so depleted mentally and physically when I hit my goals that I couldn’t enjoy the results. My own mind was working against me.

It wasn’t until I discovered sport psychology, went to therapy and was forced to give up on some big dreams through burnout that I finally conquered my mindset. I also realised that peak performance isn’t enough.

I wanted to achieve ambitious goals, on my terms, and actually enjoy the process. So I designed a lifestyle that gives me total autonomy and now my mindset is the best asset in my portfolio.

This freedom is yours for the taking too. You don’t need to suffer your way to trading success. My high performance coaching is designed to help you achieve stellar results while actually enjoying the journey.


Yes! The course is ready for you when you are ready to take action. Upon completing the checkout process, you will receive instant access to the course via two emails with the login link and also your login credentials.


You will then have 60 days of access to the Community Section of the course where you can post all your questions. You will also have 60-days of access to the Bonus Live Q&A Calls. You will have access to the course itself for 365 days upon purchase.

This is an intensive course and so I recommend that you are prepared to dedicate on average about 4-5 hours each week, for 8 weeks, to complete the course. This includes watching the module webinars, implementing techniques in your trading, attending the Bonus Live Q&A calls and completing the worksheets and assignments.

While I can’t guarantee you financial gains (because it’s up to you to do the work and that’s out of my control), I CAN guarantee that you will have all the tools and skills that you need in order to improve the psychological aspects of your trading through completing this course. I will also be guiding you, supporting you and holding you accountable every step of the way. 

You will be able to quantify progress too by the end of the course as this evaluation is built into the course content.

Once per month I go live on Zoom for 1 hour. Anyone who has an active subscription to the Community can attend and ask questions on the call. Calls are recorded and the replay is posted within the course itself. 

These weekly coaching sessions last 90 minutes and take place on Zoom as a coaching call. Every participant has the opportunity to ask questions and to share their screen to receive personalised feedback on exercises 

This is a relaxed and interactive coaching call but with a laser focus on your feedback and trading results. We keep the group small so you can get maximum personalised support and so that Traders have the chance to engage with and learn from each other as well as with me.

Tuesdays at 4.00pm-5.30pm Eastern Time. This allows us to accommodate traders from a number of different time zones. 

Yes. Elite Track weekly coaching calls are recorded and accessible from within the course platform. Please note that you will also have access to any calls that took place prior to your enrolling on the course.

In the spirit of coaching, let me help you to discern the true value of the course for you. Let’s run the numbers on your own trading stats:

  • How much money have you lost in your trading through deviating from your trading plan and breaking your trading rules?
  • If you knew you could eradicate these inconsistencies from your trading and stick to your strategy, how much profit would you stand to gain in one year in your trading? 
  • Now multiply this profit by the number of years you plan to be trading $$
  • Now consider what you stand to lose if nothing changes and you keep on making these same mistakes in your trading?

While I can’t guarantee you financial gains (because it’s up to you to do the work and that’s out of my control), I CAN guarantee that you will have all the tools and skills that you need in order to improve the psychological aspects of your trading through completing this course. I will also be guiding you, supporting you and holding you accountable every step of the way. 

You will be able to quantify progress too by the end of the course as this evaluation is built into the course content.

As all of the course content is available to you upon purchase, it is our policy not to offer refunds. You can read all of the terms and conditions regarding the course in the link in the footer of this page. This does not affect your statutory rights.

  • A strong broadband connection
  • Access to a computer/ laptop/ smartphone
  • Access to word and excel documents
  • You will need to also access Zoom (no cost) to attend the Bonus Live Q&A Calls/ VIP weekly coaching calls.

You need to be technically proficient in trading in order to enroll in this course. That means:

  • You have been trading long enough to have a clear strategy/strategies
  • You are certain that your strategy/strategies are profitable when you back test them
  • You are now determining that it is the psychology side of your trading that is blocking you from moving to the next level in your trading performance

Zero. This course is designed to take you from having little or no experience in working on your mindset, to having a full mental training routine and an entire, personalised Mental Edge Toolkit in just 8-weeks. 

Of course if you are already working on your mindset this course is also for you. There have been traders who have already been using advanced techniques to work on their mindset who have taken this course and benefited greatly from it.

Nope. This course is all focused on your trading psychology and gaining your mental edge. We do measure your performance metrics throughout this course and link what we are covering from a psychology perspective with your trading results. But I will never advise you on the technical aspects of your trading.

If you would like to avail of 1-1 coaching, the Elite Track for the course includes a 1-1 Breakthrough Coaching session with me (Créde), in addition to the weekly group coaching. Because you will already be doing so much self-reflection throughout the course, we can maximise our time in this 90-minute session. In my experience, it often leads to significant breakthroughs in dissolving long-standing subconscious blocks for Traders (although of course I can’t guarantee this outcome). Please note that this is the only way to work with me for a once-off coaching session. This option is not available to anybody outside of the Go Deep to Level Up Course Elite Track. 

After that, if you would like to engage further in fully bespoke trading performance coaching, you can explore my Total Performance 1-1 Coaching Program which is a 12-week fully customized program to laser focus on your trading challenges and goals.

Great! I would love to hear from you. Drop me an email through the contact form on this website and I will be in touch to set up a clarity call to talk answer all your questions

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