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“Five-Fold increase in trading performance”


“We uncovered a chest full of limiting beliefs and simple solutions to take my trading to the next level.”

What People Are Saying What People Are Saying What People Are Saying

“Créde’s Coaching Was More Valuable Than a Lamborghini”

-Harry Khangura, Stock Market Day Trader

Harry Khangura is an Equities Day Trader who worked with me on my 8-week coaching program and experienced valuable results.

This is a candid and honest account of what it’s like to go through coaching with me and why it’s worth the “punch in the gut” 🥊😅

“Working with Créde has been the best investment I have ever made in my trading”

-Ed Mitton, Stock Market Day Trader

Ed Mitton is an Equities Day Trader who took the Créde Performance “Total Performance” coaching program and experienced transformational results in both his trading and his personal life. Hear about his coaching experience and results in this video.

"Créde’s coaching, experience and knowledge is second to none." -Paul Talbot, Day Trader

"Before starting Go Deep to Level Up, I struggled with issues like hesitating and over trading. The course helped me to understand my subconscious and has really improved my mind set. Créde’s coaching, experience and knowledge is second to none. Whether you are an experienced trader or just at the start of your trading journey, I highly recommend you take the Go Deep to Level Up course if you are serious about making trading your chosen path. I have already started to see improvements in my trading having just completed the course."

“Five-Fold increase in trading performance” -Peter Donnelly, Retired Executive, Full Time Trader

"With Créde’s coaching I was not only able to improve my trading performance almost five-fold, but more importantly, I gained confidence in my trading and a day-to-day consistency that had previously eluded me. Créde’s ability to dig deep into my motivations and goals and help me create meaningful affirmations was a game changer for me and two years later they keep the consistent profits flowing. I simply cannot thank Créde enough for her guidance and what she has done for my trading."

“Working with Créde for 3 months has boosted my performance, my discipline and my consistency” Anne Rossignol, FX and Oil Trader

“Créde helped me to embrace my career change and affirm my position as a trader. Working with Créde for 3 months has boosted my performance, my discipline and my consistency and has given me a set of bespoke tools I use every day in my professional and personal life. I would recommend working with Créde to new or experienced traders alike”

    "I highly recommend that you take this course and you'll see some big improvements in yourself"

    -Ed Smart, Equities Day Trader and Bear Bull Traders Member

    Ed Smart, Equities Day Trader and Bear Bull Traders Member, took the Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading course and was stoked with the results.

    Some of the highlights for Ed included:

    • Figuring out that Money Mindset was NOT the root of his trading challenges
    • Understanding that the way to overcome his trading challenges was to more effectively deal with pressure and to reframe his definitions of success and failure
    • Having a toolkit of techniques to overcome any trading psychology challenge in the future

    “Thank you Créde for reminding me what my ultimate goal is. I was so caught up on the P&L and winning rate performances that I forgot about it. This gives me renewed and refreshed mindset. THANK YOU!”


    “Judge your performance based on how well you planned and executed a playbook trade, not PNL. Also, embrace earning and education as another way to measure success. Deep dive into trading psychology if you have not done so already, big fan of Créde Performance!”


    “Créde’s webinars are worth every penny I dropped on BBT. Her performance coaching is 🔥.”


    “Now the week is over I plan on reviewing my trades from sept & see how I can improve. I can clearly see how my over confidence got the best of me during my green streaks I have been putting in extra work on the @BearBullTraders psychology webinars from Créde since the 24th.”


    “I listen to Créde every morning and it has changed the way I approach trading and life in general, 8 minutes a day. HMU if you want me to share a recording it’s game changing life changing next level visualization.”

    “I stuck with my rules and my emotions and ended up +6R 😭 thanks Créde.”


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