Affirmations for Traders

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Affirmations are a mental training technique designed to help you transform subconscious blocks and elevate your mindset and performance. 
This done-for-you Trader Affirmations Resource helps Traders overcome the most common trading psychology challenges and the subconscious root causes of indiscipline. Use this affirmation script to help you develop the mindset required to become a highly consistent trader. 
Aim to listen for at least 21 days in a row to start seeing tangible shifts in your mindset and actions while trading.  Repetition is key when it comes to programming your mind with new, supportive beliefs. For best results either say each affirmation out loud or repeat in your mind after you hear each statement
Listen to this at least once every day to program your subconscious mind to:

✅ Stick to your trading plan

✅ Build confidence in your trading ability and discipline

✅ Manage your emotions

✅ Overcome destructive habits like overtrading, ignoring stops or hesitating to take a trade

✅ Build consistency in your trading

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Hi I’m Créde!

High-Performance and Trading Psychology Coach and creator of Go Deep to Level Up Your Trading™. I’ve spent 16+ years coaching world leaders in trading, finance, professional sport and business to gain a mental edge and perform at the peak of their potential.

I originally qualified as a sport psychologist and spent a large part of my career helping pro-athletes win gold medals and championships. 

For the past 4+ years I’ve brought this experience to the trading arena. I’ve coached Traders and Hedge Fund Managers with accounts ranging from small to medium to in the multimillions, to level up and hit higher returns.

I believe trading should be profitable NOT painful. My high performance coaching is designed to help you put a permanent end to destructive trading habits and achieve stellar results…zero willpower required.


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